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Nursing Education Through Centennial College


Dr. Peter Gray is tackling the problem of compulsory education, forced schooling along with a child’s freedom in the compilation of blogs. Gray is often a research professor at Boston University who specializes in evolutionary, educational development. He is an author of the book ‘Free to Learn’ and has now stated he believes people school technique is very similar to a prison. In one writing on Psychology Today, Dr. Gray discusses that compulsory education is forced schooling, therefore children loathe attending school since they are robbed of their freedom. He also argues the reality that children who’re expected to head over to school against their will, ultimately lose the ability to self-teach themselves.

In fact, many financial advisers suggest that, if you’re a cost-conscious student, you complete the first 24 months at a community college before transferring to a four-year university to take delivery of your degree, in order of cutting college costs around half and minimizing your requirement of college loans.


One major drawback in online education could be the deficiency of technical skills instructed to pursue an internet degree. Most people are still not really that technologically advanced to deal with particularly that happen to be employed to make online education better. I don’t imply that all students aren’t technologically equipped; however ever there still are a significant number who lag behind. Even a lot of the lecturers and administration people themselves find difficulty in operating the programs to train or monitor students. The tutors, especially, experienced acquired their degree through traditional means and so are mostly not too competent using the gadgets.

Teachers and administrators have become more sensitized to those issues. Perhaps more valuable, some schools are creating gay-straight alliances (GSAs), school-sponsored support groups that bring gay teens as well as sympathetic straight peers. Begun in Los Angeles back in 1984, these programs numbered nearly 3,000 nationwide in 2005; most were founded as soon as the murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay university student, in 1998. In some districts, parents have objected to those organizations, though the same court rulings that protect the best of conservative Bible groups to meet up with on school grounds also protect GSAs. In 2003, York City public schools moved an in-school program for gays, bisexuals , and transgender students into a separate school of theirs. The Harvey Milk High School was named in memory of San Francisco’s first openly gay city supervisor, who has been assassinated in 1978 (Gay, Lesbian and straight Education Network 2005)

Stephanie Herzog can be a gifted communicator and anointed writer. “God Is Your Matchmaker” is essential and timely. In our society today the church would need to address the requirement for a brand new standard in relationships within your body of believers. This is really a challenge to the individual believer plus the corporate body on the church.

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